Transnet Embarks on National Level Crossing Awareness Campaign

October - officially declared “Transport Month” in South Africa - will see Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), together with a number of stakeholders, embark on National Level Crossing and Safety Awareness Campaigns from 12th to 16th October 2020. The aim of this initiative is to sensitize motorists, pedestrians and the general public about safety at level crossings, road and rail environments.

The awareness campaign is conducted by going out to designated level crossings as well as illegal level crossings where the safety teams engage motorists, pedestrians as well as communities residing along the rail infrastructure on safety awareness, and educate them about the dangers of not observing safety precautions. The campaigns involve, among others, distribution of safety materials and educating the public about behaviours that render them vulnerable to the unpleasant incidents often leading to loss of life.

Transnet will work together with the Rail Safety Regulator, PRASA, Railway Police, Rapid Rail Police, Metro Police, Fire Departments, Community Forums, Department of Transport and other external stakeholders in the campaign.

Transnet would like to appeal to road users, pedestrians and the community residing along the rail infrastructure to assist in eradicating level crossing incidents by exercising patience at level crossings as well as by obeying, at all times, the traffic laws governing rail level crossings. People involved in railway level crossing incidents are usually complacent when approaching crossings. The law requires motorists to bring the motor vehicle to a complete standstill at a level crossing. Similarly it also requires pedestrians to stop and observe both sides of the rail before crossing.

A fully laden goods train requires one kilometre to come to a stop and given their weight as well as their braking mechanisms, trains cannot swerve to avoid accidents Road users are also reminded that trains have right of way at all times.

The 2020 theme for Transport month is “Together shaping the future of transport."


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