NATCOR Line Annual Maintenance Shutdown

From 11 to 17 May 2019, Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), will be conducting its annual maintenance shutdown along the Natal Corridor (NATCOR) rail line, which stretches from Rietvlei Gauteng, to the Durban Harbour. This is a planned shutdown of the line aimed at administering continuous maintenance and refurbishment of rail infrastructure, to ensure safe and efficient railway operations.

The shutdown maintenance schedule will include a double line closure from 11 – 12 May, where there will be no train service at all along the corridor during this period, and from 13 – 17 May, there will be a partial shut, which means there will be a reduced service, where maintenance work is done between trains.

Due to the extensive damage caused by the recent floods that battered Kwa Zulu – Natal, the shutdown will provide Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) with an opportunity conduct repairs in the affected areas which are mainly in the Durban complex.

Communication has been sent out to all impacted customers, as well as other stakeholders including PRASA train operations services and the other Transnet Operating Divisions including TNPA, TGC, TPT and TE.

The maintenance activities will include all aspects of rail infrastructure such as:

  • Turn Out Replacement
  • Formation Rehabilitation
  • Installation of Contact Wire
  • Installation on Pin Insulators
  • Maintenance of Cross Overs
  • Decommissioning Points at the Cross Over sites
  • Maintenance of locomotives, wagons and other equipment
  • Scissor Crossing Installation
  • Sleeper Replacement
  • OHTE Rehabilitation
  • Substation maintenance of T/S, Capacitors, LA, SI and Bonding

Transnet continues to invest millions towards ensuring that there is a significant reduction in incidents that disrupt train operations. This is to enable Transnet’s strategic intent of attracting more rail friendly cargo – by operating a safer, more predictable and more reliable service that meets our customers’ needs and contributes positively to the socio – economic objectives of the country and the rest of the African continent.


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