Joint Effort By Transnet And Hawks Lead To Arrest Of Petroleum And Rail Equipment Thieves

Transnet SOC Ltd has welcomed arrests made in connection with theft of petroleum products and rail equipment.

These arrests were achieved through a joint security operation between Transnet and the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (“Hawks”), National Intelligence and SAPS. An arrest connected to a petroleum theft incident between the Kendal and Witbank pipeline took place earlier this week.

Meanwhile, law enforcement authorities also made arrests connected to the theft of Transnet Freight Rail’s (TFR) rail equipment, including electrical wires, contact wire and droppers, rail, signal rods and rail chairs. Theft of rail equipment results in train derailments, causing a huge disruption in the transportation of goods across the country’s rail network system.

The Hawks have made several significant arrests in the past few months in relation to this tampering with essential infrastructure and theft of petrol from several pipelines around the country. Most of these suspects have appeared in court and their cases remanded as the investigations continue.


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