11 June 2021 Europe

WEGH Group Acquires IPA Ferroviaria

WEGH Group Acquires IPA Ferroviaria

WEGH Group acquires IPA Ferroviaria, an Italian reference brand in the production of concrete products such as sleepers and slabs for the construction of high-speed and traditional railway lines.

After the purchase of IPA International in 2018, Wegh Group has acquired IPA Ferroviaria, a reference brand in the national market for the design and production of products for railway infrastructure such as PRC (Prestressed Reinforced Concrete) sleepers, sleepers for switches, slabs for ballastless systems.

During the 9 years of leasing the branch, under the management of the WEGH Group, strong development has been given to Research and Development with the issue of numerous patents and the renewal of the production facilities, in synergy with the plant division, performing productivity and process quality.

This year, this process has led to the acquisition and inclusion of IPA Ferroviaria in the WEGH Group with a total investment of more than 22 million Euros.

With this acquisition, WEGH Group increases its know-how and achieves process and product synergies by making available to the market the expertise of the individual divisions in a single organic proposal. WEGH Group is in fact also a world leader in the design and construction of plants for the production of sleepers, switch sleepers and ballastless platforms in prestressed reinforced concrete.

The WEGH Group has been a partner and supplier of the main railway infrastructure operators for years, both on high-speed and conventional lines, for every gauge and for special solutions, in Italy and worldwide.

WEGH Group Acquires IPA Ferroviaria

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