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Ceres Line Reopened

Mainly under the auspices of the new Ceres Railway Company, the 26km line from Wolseley through Michells Pass to Ceres and on to Prince Alfred Hamlet has been brought back into use. The objective was primarily to move freight, principally fruit and agricultural produce from Ceres to Cape Town. The first test train, conveying a load of empty containers, ran on 3 August 2015. A train of empty passenger vehicles followed on 20 August. A train of empty containers was operated from Bellville yard to Ceres on 26 August. It returned fully loaded on 27 August, running direct into Cape Town docks.

Another intention is to run tourist excursion passenger trains on the branch. Coaches used previously on the Union Limited tourist train are presently stabled at Voorbbaai. The Ceres Rail Company has acquired a number of these, moving them to Wolseley. Three steam locomotives have been acquired from Voorbaai too; these are undergoing rehabilitation. The first has had its boiler hydraulically tested and has been run in light steam, moving under it’s own power for the first time in 11 years. It is hoped to introduce tourist passenger service shortly.

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