TMH Awards South Africa’s Company SME Exports The Supply Of HVAC Systems For Egypt Passenger Coaches

Towards the end of last year, TMH International awarded SME Exports, a South African company in the Specialist Mechanical Engineers Group, the supply of 800 HVAC systems for passenger coaches being manufactured for the Egypt National Railways. This order, worth over €30M, introduces the SA entity into a big global supply chain market. SME is a leader in the supply of HVAC systems to South Africa and most recently to Botswana.

“This marks a significant milestone for South Africa’s supplier industry as getting into a global supply chain opens massive growth and improved expertise opportunities. A company that supplies high quality products to the industry, deserves the recognition and inclusion into a global project,” said Jerome Boyet CEO at TMH Africa.

SME Exports will deliver HVAC equipment to Russia and Hungary, where half of the coaches will be manufactured. As part of this multi-country project, SME Exports will localize part of its production in Hungary and provide warranty and commissioning support to Egypt. The actual production of passenger coaches is currently underway at Tver Carriage Works Plant in Russia.

“At TMH International, we aim at developing rail industrial ecosystems together with global and local suppliers. We look forward to working with SME Exports, as a model of cross-country cooperation between South Africa, Egypt, Hungary and Russia, benefiting to all parties,” said Martin Vaujour, CEO at TMH International.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase South Africa’s expertise on a global project and we believe this project is in line with enabling the Africa Free Trade Area agreement,” said Johan Pienaar Managing Director at SME Exports.

SME Exports product line includes modular and integrated designs for driver cabs and coaches, AC and DC directly or inverter powered units in both adversely dusty extreme 65°C temperature plant and mining environments, as well as fine polished units for luxury 5-star coaches.

In September 2018, TMH was awarded the supply of 1,300 passenger coaches for Egypt, the biggest ever rolling stock contract in the country. According to the terms of the contract, 800 coaches will be equipped with HVAC, the remaining ones with forced ventilation systems.

TMH is present in South Africa through its subsidiary TMH Africa since 2018. The company employs over 200 people in its facility in Boksburg for the manufacturing of rail rolling stock.


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