Botswana Ministry Of Transport And Communications Receives Accident Investigation Report

The Minister of Transport and Communications Hon. Thulagano Segokgo has received the Enquiry Report from the Board of Enquiry led by the Director of Accidents and Investigations Mr Olefile Moakofi. The Board has been investigating the derailment of a Botswana Railways train last year near Pallaroad. In his reciprocal remarks, Hon Segokgo applauded the board for a job well done though there were challenges in compilation due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Whilst no specific details were provided, the Minister is noted to have said. “Botswana Railways (BR) will be safer as it should and profitable as it should on the basis of the recommendations and the conclusion emanating from the report. The report itself will have a bearing on how BR will run its operations in future. The Minister will hand over the Enquiry Report to His Excellency the President in due time.


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Botswana Railways

27 November 2018
SADC, Botswana
2 min