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Uganda and Tanzania are reportedly considering a possible linking of the port at Tanga to Southern Sudan. The existing Tanzanian railway from Tanga ends at Arusha (about 400km) and a new extension would be needed to Musoma (about 400km) on Lake Victoria. Freight would be conveyed from there by ferry to Port Bell (about 350km) in Uganda. A rail connection runs via Tororo to Gulu (about 600km) on the Pakwach branch. North of Gulu, a new line of roughly 250km would have to be constructed to Juba, and a further 550km to the Wåo railhead in Southern Sudan. The proposals arise from continuing difficulties with getting freight from the port of Mombasa to Uganda, and thence to the Sudan. The costs are prohibitive, apart from serious delays. The port at Dar es Salaam has problems too.
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