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According to Addis Fortune (published in Addis Ababa), the Metals & Engineering Corporation (MetEC) has completed assembly of a prototype train for the light rail project in the capital. MetEC manufactured the bodywork, the undercarriage and bogies being imported from the Danubian Aircraft Company (DAC), a Hungarian corporation that specialises in 'the overhaul and upgrading of helicopters and the manufacture of metallic components'. DAC, which has worked with MetEC previously, is to provide 'expert assistance in the production of tracks' for the project, which is being overseen by the Ethiopian Railway Corporation. Construction of the 1,435mm gauge Addis light railway, which is expected to carry 80,000 passengers an hour, began in January 2012 at an estimated cost of $US475 million Altogether; 34.25km of line is being laid, on two routes. The north-south line runs from Menilik II Square to Kaliti. The east-west line runs from Ayat Village to Tor Hailoch. Additional lines to Shiro Meda in the north, Gelan in the south and to Lebu in the south-west, are envisaged at a later stage. China Railway Group Limited (CREG) holds the contract for tracklaying and MetEC is responsible for supplying the track material and rolling stock.
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