19 April 2017 Central Africa / Republic of the Congo

Congo Ocean Railway (CFCO) And China

The Republic of Congo and the People's Republic of China recently concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the rehabilitation of the Congo Ocean Railway (CFCO).

The MoU includes the rehabilitation of existing railway lines such as Pointe-Noire / Brazzaville and Mont-Belo / Mbinda, a total length of 886km.

The construction of new lines - close on 1800km

  • Pointe-Noire / Oyo
  • Lékana /  Sembé
  • Ouesso / Garabinzam
  • Lékana / Brazzaville
  • Komono / Mosendjo

China’s CCECC is committed through the MoU over the next 18 months, to provide experts for the various feasibility studies as well as technical and engineering services.


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