Rehabilitation Of The Machipanda Line

Created: 10 August 2019 | Updated: 12 August 2019
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CFM announced in July (2019) that the line linking the Port of Beira to Zimbabwe, passing through the province of Manica will be rehabilitated.

Work is due to start in August and will continue through to 2021. Rehabilitation of the 317/8km line, is being funded by CFM and is valued at USD 200 million.

The line comprises of:

  • Total length: 317 km
  • Single line,
  • Gauge: Cape
  • Axle Load: 16.5 tons - to be upgraded to 18 tons after rehabilitation
  • Capacity: 1.5m tons - to be upgraded to 3m tons after rehabilitation
  • Average Trains/day/each way – 2 - capacity to be 6 trains/day/each way after rehabilitation
  • Average Transit time from Beira to border – 18 hours -to be reduced to 12 hours after rehabilitation
  • Maximum speed – 30/h [to be increased to 60/h after rehabilitation
  • Rail – 45 kg, UIC 40 kg & ASCE 40 kg -to be replaced by 45 kg rail in whole section after rehabilitation
  • Sleeper Type – Concrete, steel and wooden [to be fully concrete sleepers after rehabilitation
  • Sleeper spacing: 0.7m

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Rehabilitation Of The Machipanda Line 2019-08-12

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