Project To Support The Integration Of Training In The Business Of Road, Railway And Mines

As part of its assistance to the reform of the Regional Training Centre for Road Maintenance (CERFER), the African Development Bank has set up a project called Training Integration Support Project (PAIF).

CFAF 5,216,000,000 is the sum donated by the African Development Bank (ADB) to the Council of the CEREFER (Regional Training Centre for Road Maintenance) Reform Agreement. through the Training Integration Support Project (PAIF) in the road, railway and mining trades, in the member countries. The project was officially launched on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 in Lomé.

The countries involved include: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger and Togo

This project has the following main objectives:

  • Improve the governance and management of CERFER;
  • Improve the communication and visibility of CERFER;
  • Modernize CERFER in terms of infrastructure;
  • Improve the training offer; and
  • Improve the quality and relevance of training.

The project is organised around three (03) following components:

  • Strengthening the institutional, logistical and managerial capacities of CERFER;
  • Improving the quality and relevance of training;
  • Coordination and project management.

A number of opportunities exist for this particular project and tender documents should be available by July 2019 at the latest. Please consult our opportunities section for more information.