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Anton van Schalkwyk sent us photos taken during March at Luau, 20km west of the DRC border at Dilolo, on Caminhos de ferro de Benguela (CFB). He reports: “Not much happening there, it seems the rails have been lifted and the railbed readied for the rail and that is about it.” Anton adds: “I am planning a trip to Angola during May/June this year and will be doing the whole length of all three railways and maybe some of the branchlines as well. Any member of the railway enthusiast community will be welcome to come along but will be expected to pay their own way of course - will have to look after themself as far as food and overnight facilities et cetera is concerned! I am only providing transport and bushcamping will be at the order of the day!” Anyone interested should contact Anton direct at antonvanschalkwyk@gmail.com
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