Minister To Compare Notes With North-Western Railway Company

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba is to meet with North-Western Railway Company chairperson Enoch Kavindele so they can compare notes on the finalisation of modalities for the long-awaited greenfield project, reports the Times of Zambia.

Mr Mushimba said the recently signed Statutory Instrument (SI) – which requires 30% of heavy and bulk cargo to me moved by rail – makes it inevitable to improve the country’s railway network.

During the interview, he confirmed that resource mobilisation for the project had advanced and that it would cost up to US$1 billion to connect the Bengwela Corridor among others. He also reiterated that his government had embarked on the journey to revamp the railway infrastructure to reduce the cost of doing business in the country, and that the government would continue partnering with the private sector to improve train speeds.

The government was also spending US$50 million on the inter-mine railway to make haulage of cargo easy, he added.

Last year in October, the Zambian cabinet approved the proposal for government to acquire 30 per cent shares in North-West Railway Company. The railway line is important as it will resolve the transportation hurdles faced by mining companies in North-Western Province. It involves the construction of about 580km of line to link Zambia with Angola.


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