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Charles Rickwood reports on the zimrail site: 'Steam continues to be used on the West End and loco shunts. On Friday [19 November], 613 was doing the WE duty and 416 shunting coal wagons around the loco area. Of the, remainder of the working fleet , 611 and 395 were on the washout road and 525 under repairs in the P15 shop. NRZ [the National Railways of Zimbabwe] are advertising a steam trip to Plumtree on 5 December similar to the one run in April. A visit to the carriage shop in the main workshops revealed why NRZ are so short of passenger stock.....after paying salaries there is little cash left for maintenance materials and the first priority is diesel locos, which makes sense so that more freight can be moved and thereby increase revenue...like most railways in Africa, passenger revenue constitutes less than 10% of potential income.' [All the locos mentioned are Garratts. - editor
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