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On 8 September, 19D loco 2689 was seen near Klerksdorp en route by road to Botswana. Dr John Middleton explains: “We understand two 19D's from the Jan Kempdorp dump have been sold to BCL Selebi Pikwe for overhaul and use by the mine there which still operates 19Ds. Not clear yet who will do the overhaul, Klerksdorp is not exactly on a direct route from JK to Selebi Pikwe so possibly they are going somewhere else first but its not obvious who would be prepared to take on such an overhaul these days. Both of these two were last used on the Vaal Reefs Gold Mine hire contract in the 1980s and were pretty well 'used' when they went to JK - add 20 odd years of standing unprotected and they will need a complete strip down and rebuild to be suitable for the daily grind of mine life. However, this is great news as it shows steam has a future there for hopefully some time yet. The other loco involved has been reported as 2678 but we need confirmation of boiler numbers to be sure.'
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