CEMAC - Transport-Transit Facilitation

The World Bank has issued the latest implementation, status and results report ( public disclose authorised) for the CEMAC - Transport-Transit Facilitation. The implementing agencies include: The Republic of Cameroon, Republic of Chad and Central African Republic, Ministry of Public Works Cameroon, Ministry of Infrastructure Chad. Components that make up the project include:

Roads and Railways Infrastructure Improvement:(Cost $588.46 M) Transit and Transport Facilitation investments:(Cost $36.09 M) Customs and Transport Sector Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building:(Cost $30.45 M) Unallocated

To access the document: http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/994671572682576749/pdf/Disclosable-Version-of-the-ISR-CEMAC-Transport-Transit-Facilitation-P079736-Sequence-No-23.pdf