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Request For Quotation For Line Maintenance On Private Railway In Kenya

Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd. (TCML) has put forward a request for quotations for the structural assessment of bridges, viaduct, box culverts and drainage structures on the company’s 146km line between Lake Magadi and Konza.

TCML transport a minimum of 500,000 tonnes of freight per annum, of which 90% is soda ash, from Magadi to Mombasa for export through the Port of Mombasa.  

The main objectives of the work being requested include:

  • The assessment of the structural integrity and suitability of all bridges, viaduct and box culverts on the railway line between Lake Magadi and Konza
  • Identify any existing impediments or condition issues that could restrict locomotives operating on Magadi Railway line
  • Present recommendations for maintenance on the line that will enable safe operations for freight locomotives on the line.

Formerly known as Magadi Soda Company, TCML is Africa's largest soda ash manufacturer and one of Kenya's leading exporters. The company’s head office is situated 120kms south west of Nairobi, at Lake Magadi, with subsidiary branches in Kajiado and Mombasa.

TCML has indicated that a site visit may be conducted, please contact the company directly to confirm details.

Closing date for submissions is 09 February 2017.

For full scope of work required and tender application documents, please follow the provided link:

Tender Documents
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