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In a horror level crossing accident at Dahshour in Giza on 18 November, 26 people were killed when a train collided with a bus. According to the State Information Service in Cairo, a further 29 people were hurt. The customary resultant outcry in the press criticised Egyptian Railways for their poor safety record. This masked the circumstances surrounding the incident, prompting a number of questions. A puzzling aspect was a statement by Egyptian Railways head Hussein Zakaria, who said there were warning lights and that the crossing had been 'closed by chains'. If this were the case, executive director of the Global Faith Institute Dr Mark Christian asks, how did the bus get onto the line? The occupants of the bus were returning from a wedding. 'It was a Christian wedding', he says ominously, and points out that Christian persecution in Egypt 'is at an all-time high.' His inference that there might have been foul play is unlikely to be tested.

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