The proposed new transport corridor from the port of Tanga to Musoma on Lake Victoria has been costed provisionally at $US2.7 billion. Of this, $1.9 billion will account for about 800km of railway (rebuilding the existing Tanga-Arusha line as well as about the same length of additional new construction), $695.5 million for a deepwater harbour at Tanga’s Mwambani Bay and $72.6 million for the development of the Musoma docks. From Musoma, inbound freight would continue by lake ferry to Port Bell in Uganda. Tanzania transport minister Omar Nundu says the project’s Uganda-Tanzania partnership plan includes rehabilitation and upgrading of the Port Bell pier, as well as construction of a new inland port at Kampala in Uganda.

According to Nundu, the plan envisages Tanga and Musoma being dedicated to handling cargo destined for Uganda and Southern Sudan. From Port Bell, an existing railway runs some 735km via Tororo northwards and then west to Pakwach on the Nile. From Gulu, about 100km east of Pakwach, a new line of roughly 250km would have to be constructed to Juba, and a further 550km from there to reach the Wåw railhead in Southern Sudan.

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