Egypt has reportedly created an Egypt-Sudan Railway Committee (ESRC), which is currently promoting the construction of a connecting link between the railway systems of the two countries. Volkhard Windfuhr, chairman of Friends of the Railways of Egypt and the Arab World (FREA) says only 500km separate the two – and a difference of 368mm in gauge. Egypt, he points out, needs to build 450km of new line south of Aswan; Sudan only 50, north from Wadi Halfa. “Technical devices,” he adds, can overcome the other gap.

[  The distance may not be as much as 500km – our maps suggest less than 400. If the ESRC proposal gets off the ground, also that other scheme to link the Sudan to Uganda, the long-dreamed of Cape-to-Cairo line might become a reality. Hopefully Windfuhr’s “technical devices” would solve the headache posed by four changes in gauge along the way. – editor

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